Environmentally friendly motivations for choosing your next sunscreen

This new discovery is quite a conundrum. While you are extremely health conscious these days, you are also becoming more environmentally conscious. You have come to the conclusion that being healthy at heart and in mind and body, goes hand in hand with being as environmentally friendly as possible. This leads positively to you becoming directly involved with the evolving paradigms of sustainable development and organic living.

You take extremely good care of your skin. While you reduce the risks of contracting harmful skin diseases and cancer, you are using an effective sunscreen to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. The story becomes more interesting, perhaps even startling when you measure up your responses to the sun’s harmful rays against the still high carbon footprint. As you empower yourself with more knowledge on how to live sustainably and play your part in reducing the carbon footprint, you make new discoveries.

While these discoveries are not all good news, you are placed in a position to react positively. When you learn just how harmful your trusted sunscreen and other cosmetics is to the environment, you switch to reef friendly sunscreen, now easily attainable, mainly through sustainable online shopping opportunities. As you make your purchase, no paper is wasted. Because your source supplier is essentially environmentally conscious you can be certain that every effort is being made to minimize carbon usage through necessary shipping.

As this note reaches its conclusion, coral reefs are being bleached out and are in the process of dying. It needs to be protected. It is one of the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems on earth. Once the coral reefs go, all other ecosystems become more threatened. You can help reverse this startling trend by purchasing eco-friendly sunscreen.